Defeat the one under your own mask

За клуб Преторианец Варна

Who we are? What we do?

When it comes to fencing, age is just a number. The sport is suitable for all ages. We are proud that within the club there are 6 years old kids as well as adult competitors. The fencing sport develops cognitive activity, reflexes and flexibility within children, strength, speed and agility within adolescents and tactical skills, quick decision making and mental fortitude within adults.

The Family

Fencing is a sport of honor, loyalty, faith, respect and responsibility. Praetorians embrace and promote tolerance between the different ones and solidarity between the strong and the weak ones.

Martin Stoyanov - senior fencing coach

Senior Coach

Ivaylo Stamatov - senior fencing coach

Senior Coach

Mario Terziev - junior fencing coach

Junior Coach

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Praetorians celebrating annual world fencing day

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