Brief History

Martin Stoyanov:
I know Ivaylo Stamatov since our childhood years and we are friends ever since. By coincidence we have studied in the same preliminary school, same highschool and same university. We have signed up to practice fencing together, because it sounded as a challenge, however we have chosen different weapons. He has chosen foil and I have chosen Sabre. Over time, the foil group has declined in numbers and so did the sabre one, therefore they had to merge. Fortunately we remained together with the coach of the National Sabre Team – Zheko Marinov, with whom we have trained in university and within fencing club “Slavia” in the city of Sofia. Zheko was exceptional mentor and a very charismatic personality. Except everything he has done for us within the sport, he was a storyteller about the history of fencing and famous fencers of the past and the present. He has mentioned multiple times that in our hometown Varna, once there was a strong presence of the fencing subdivision and big sabre tournaments. However currently there isn’t even a fencing club – a fact that we could change.

The seed was planted. Once we have finished our education – Me – psychology and Ivaylo – philosophy, we have come back to Varna in search of our individual paths, until the moment a plant has grown out of the seed. I don’t even remember when and how we decided it, all I remember was it was sharp, spontaneous and bold , typical for the game of a Fencer.

That’s how we established the beginning of fencing club “Praetorian”.

The Coaches

Martin Stoyanov - senior fencing coach
Senior Coach

My name is Martin Stoyanov and I am born in 1983, co-owner and coach in fencing club “Praetorian” since its establishment back in 2007. I have “met” fencing relatively late – during my student years in Sofia.It was a happy fact that my coach was Zheko Marinov, who was the chief coach of the sablers in Bulgaria and the most reputable coach in the country. From him I learned a lot about fencing skill in detail and depth. After a few years I started training in fencing club “Slavia” until my final return to my hometown Varna, where I am currently a coach in fencing club “Praetorian”. I have worked within many projects in different fields of expertise and I dare to say that every single one was interesting. However only in the fencing hall, with sabre in hand, surrounded by allies, comrades and competitors, I feel calm, confident, committed and happy.

Ivaylo Stamatov - senior fencing coach
Senior Coach

My name is Ivaylo Stamatov, 33 years old from Varna, co-owner and coach of fencing club “Praetorian”. I have graduated Philosophy specialty in SU “K.Ohridski” and I am authorized physical education teacher by the National Sport Academy “V.Levski”. I have also acquired authorization for a fencing instructor back in 2007. I strive to develop physical stamina, tactical setup and mental endurance of the duellists. My goal is to organize a variety of conditioning workouts and connecting exercises which develop the overall physical culture in the athletes and to challenge their mental engagement.

As a coach and competitor I prefer to practice and demonstrate fencing values such as loyalty, honesty and responsibility. To keep up the good health of my trainees is top priority for me.

Mario Terziev - junior fencing coach
Junior Coach

My name is Mario and I am 20 years old. Fencing competitor since 2011. My first tournaments, as an official competitor of the Bulgarian Federation of Fencing, were as an epee fencer. Until then, I had only watched videos on the Internet with sabers, and I had rarely seen live sabre competitions, as if the competitions of the different fencing weapon are really diverse. Even if I was generally aware about the sabre as a weapon, my knowledge of the subtleties of the sabre duels were relatively primitive. After 5 years of experience as an epee competitor and a dozen of individual and team prizes, I have more and more started to like the idea to make a switch to sabre. Meanwhile I have stubbornly read every rule, and every subtlety associated with the drastically different weapon, which I later realized implies true fencing.
Interesting reflections: Elite fencing requires man to be fully subjected to body and mind. This includes many and varied methodological approaches to training that each trainer wishing to produce capable fencers need to know.