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Bulgaria open championships

Last week we had Mario, Denis, Lia and Zlati going head on agains the best senior male and female fencers in the country.  8th and 9th place for Mario and Denis with the men, while Lia and Zlati struggled to get out off the groups but still gained valuable experience.

Regional cup- kids U10,12,14

On 07.10.2017 we had a regional tournament in Pomorie- a small city next to Burgas where our fencers where able to check their form and condition before the ever important nationals cup coming the next weekend. We had Ivan with the boys U16, Tervel and Daniil  with the boys U12 and we had Karina and Margarita  with the girls U12....
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Bulgaria cup 14.10.2017

After some quick endevours in Pomorie last week our boys where poised to test their skills against top competitors for all over the country. Ivan Hadjiev who fenced with the boys U16 managed to place top8 and our other two boys Tervel Kasabov and Daniil Sholokhov who fenced with the boys U12 managed to successfully get out off the groups. We...
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In the Beginning – 2007th

During the first practice sessions, once the club was newly established back in 2007, the only participants back then were the two coaches and one trainee. Yes, that’s right, the coaches were more than the participants!